How to Get Windows 8 Free: Get a legal Win 8 product key without paying

Want to get Windows 8 free copy? You can get free Win 8 product keys from Microsoft BizSpark®, download Windows 8 free pre-release versions and so on. Learn how to get Windows 8 license free, legally.

Didn't get Windows 8 free with your new computer like your friend? Nothing to be sorry, he didn't actually get Windows 8 free. Usually, you cannot get a free copy of Windows 8 as it is not a freeware. If a new computer has inbuilt Win 8, the manufacturer had already paid for the license and included the cost in the price. These are low priced OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer licenses, but that's none of our business. Generally you will have to pay to obtain a Windows 8 license or serial key, whether you are buying a full version of Windows 8 for a new computer without an operating system or just upgrading your OS.

Everyone hates to pay though, and many download pirated Windows 8 full version for free or minimal prices. That's illegal, and unethical — you could land in jail, and also may be at hell in your afterlife! While I hate piracy too, there are a few tricky ways to download Windows 8 serial key legally, or get a Windows 8 free copy. Let's see how.

So, how to get Windows 8 free copy or download Win 8 full version?

I spent the whole evening today figuring out how to get Windows 8 free, and here is what I found out. There are multiple ways to get a free copy of Win 8. Before the actual product release, Microsoft® releases pre-release, defective versions. They usually have bugs or issues but if you know how to fix them, downloading Windows 8 pre-release versions is a great way to get the product free. Also, if you have a start-up software business, Microsoft is here to help you. The Microsoft BizSpark® program is meant to assist start-ups and give away most softwares free. I believe after the official release, free Windows 8 full version might be available from BizSpark. There are many software giveaway programs as well; look out for such opportunities too to get Windows 8 free. Here are a little more details.

Download Windows 8 free pre-release versions (.ISO images)

The Windows 8 release preview for free download, or the .ISO image, was released by Microsoft on May 31. Nevertheless, this may not suit everyone. As we know, a pre-release software is a nearly-finished version which might have bugs, errors and issues. You might have problems downloading free Windows 8 pre-release .ISO image as well. Nevertheless, a tech-savvy person can cope with these problems and install the OS in his or her computer. In the official Win 8 pre-release download page, Microsoft offers two .ISO images for English — the 32 bit version is 2.5 GB while the 64 bit version is 3.3 GB. Please note, that slower connections, the pre-release Win 8 free download may take a considerable time. On slower connections, you can also consider downloading the minim set up file which will download Win 8 free and install it within seconds. The only problems with downloading the Windows 8 minim set up file is that you got to have an active internet connection, and you can use it only on the computer where you downloaded it.

How to get Windows 8 free, download Win 8 pre-release

Get Windows 8 full version free from Windows 8 giveaways

Do you know about software giveaways? I believe many people do not! Well, they are the different programs, contests, deals and offers where you can get or win a free copy of the software concerned. Earlier, we have seen many private websites and companies giving away free Windows full version copy or product key of the previous versions. Once Windows 8 is released for sale by Microsoft, which is expected to come out around October 2012, you might find a lot of websites giving away free Windows 8 license or providing Windows 8 full version free download link.

How to find free Windows 8 full download links or giveaways? — Well, I believe it is too early to look for free Windows 8 full version giveaways as the operating system is yet to be officially released by Microsoft. Indeed, if you do a Google search, you can find dozens of so called get Windows 8 full version free download legal links, which are either not legal as they often claim to be, or will just redirect you to the Windows 8 pre release free download we have already discussed above. When I did a Google search for How to get Windows 8 free before writing this article, the SERP returned Windows 8 release preview, news about Win 8 not being a freeware and discussions about whether Windows 8 should be free, as well as few YouTube videos that looked spam, keyword stuffed and not legal Windows 8 free download guides. Anyway, that"s just what I felt and I do not really intend to offend anybody. Coming back to the main point, at present you can hardly find a legal Windows 8 full version free giveaway. Look for it after the official release. You can consider subscribing to us or Like our Facebook page to get notifications about our articles on Windows 8 free copy giveaways, whenever published.

Register with Microsoft BizSpark® & look out for free Windows 8 license

Microsoft BizSpark®, as we have discussed earlier in brief, is an enterprise by Microsoft to help start-up software businesses and IT farms. Finding investors has always been a great problem for start-up businesses, and you really need to set aside a lump-some budget for purchasing software licenses. Microsoft is going to help you here. Microsoft BizSpark offers several free software licenses for start-up software businesses, and you have a new company, you can get Windows 8 full version free from them as well. At present, Microsoft BizSpark is giving out free Windows license for previous versions of the operating system, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Express Tools, Microsoft Visual Studio, access to Windows Azure and so on. Since the previous versions of Win OS are available from BizSpark, I believe after the official product release you can also find out how to get Windows 8 free full version from BizSpark.

Microsoft Events are great to get free Windows 8 full version license & other softwares

Microsoft arranges many events now and then across the globe where they give away free software to promote their business and technologies. If a Microsoft event is going on near your place, that is a definitely a good place to look for free Windows 8 full version license key. Go attend it, who knows you can be the next winner of a free Win 8 OS license or other Microsoft softwares!

Do you know any other legal ways to get Windows 8 free? We would love to hear from you! Write to us as a response below about how to get Windows 8 free without indulging in software piracy. And, don't spam, it stinks!

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